Dealing with Negative People


17 April 2013


On certain days, I find that my positivity is hard to maintain. I attempt not to let small attitudes bother me, but it is very testing at times. When a customer is rude to me, and addresses our interaction with a poor tone, I sometimes catch myself echoing an attitude back to them. I’ve slipped at times, and this is not the proper approach… Handling anger with anger is no way to solve anything. Out of respect, determine the problem and keep your cool. A customer who is angry will only become more furious if you raise your voice or snap back with an attitude. And don’t forget, it is against the policy of ethics to lose your temper. I try to keep in mind that this sour being will consume no more than ten minutes of my day, and that I shouldn’t let their negativity influence my attitude. Just get through the next ten minutes with a smile… When a customer is downright rude, potentially sparking a trigger within you, mentally step away from their rant and take a few deep breaths…


Breathe in… (two, three)

Breathe out… (two, three)


Collect yourself before you respond with any lash. It is not worth the time to exert your energy into a negative communication. Emotions are contagious. Just as happiness and laughter can brighten an entire room, overt grumpiness can dull everyone around.  During these pessimistic exchanges (with anybody), keep in mind what makes you happy in your own life… what excitements you have to look forward after leaving this conversation! Don’t let the problems of someone else bring you down. And never let it change your attitude. You are not a problem; you are simply in their line of fire. And ya never know, maybe you can persuade them to lay down their weapons. Kill ‘em with kindness… because like I said, emotions are contagious!




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