Eyes are a Window to Your Soul


Saturday 29 December 2012


I stand back and study every person; silently observing their behavior (towards me and other people), deciphering to myself the tick of their brain. Some people are honest, while there are those who are not. Many people care about things that don’t matter, and others might care about nothing (or no one) at all. During every connection I’ve had in my life—be it for five minutes or five years—I have studied the person in contact. I look into their eyes, quietly analyzing to myself why one might choose their method. After extended interaction and a read into their energy, body language and attitudes, I begin to sense the sincerity and genuineness of a person.

Their eyes… I imagine the eyes of a person to connect straight into their soul, and who is in touch with their soul (i.e. being a good person) will have an amount of depth to their eyes that is perceivable by others. Those who are immoral or disloyal exhibit a shallowness in their eyes…They are cold, and I am shut out. Gathered as my opinion, if a person’s eyes appear to lack such depth, in turn does their soul.




© 2013 by Stephanie Himmelman. All Rights Reserved

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