Healed or [simply] Forgotten?


Thursday 13 December 2012


Healed, or impermanently forgotten?

Does time really heal all wounds? Or might it simply push them into the back of your mind, where they will eventually be forgotten and less focused upon? Your heart was slivered after the event(s), though it may have happened so long ago. Is the pain still within you? The death of a parent; an ignoble act from someone you fell to trust; any mistake you’ve made in your past… You haven’t thought about it in years, and therefore “have moved on from the hurt” to escape your exhaust. But have you truly moved on? Or have the current distractions of your life helped to blanket what once consumed your mind? The experience has been logged in your memory, remaining there forever. It has changed that portion of you. Wounds will never fully heal, no matter the amount of time that passes; they turn to scars, and become a part of you.




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