Sirens, sirens, everywhere…


Tuesday 11 December 2012


Have you ever seen, or heard, a firetruck or ambulance rush by? Do you wonder where they are going, and why they were called to be there? I say a prayer to myself when this happens near me. If someone has lost their house or business due to fire, I pray that everything in the situation can be managed through. I beg that whoever they are rushing to is okay; that their families are okay. I hope that it was a minor emergency, or that nobody was hurt seriously. You’ve been around someone in need of an ambulance; maybe you’ve even taken the ride for yourself. It is a horrible/drop the pit to your stomach experience. Be thankful that when the sirens go by, they were not called on your behalf or those around.




© 2013 by Stephanie Himmelman. All Rights Reserved

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