ABOUT // Goal



I plan to write a book—
To put myself, and our point of existence, into words.


My writing will revolve around what I find most fascinating…



Through lessons of many other cultures, religions, and historical beliefs (with a personal overlay, of course), I will question and explain the following topics:


Our Existence
= Arrival to Life
=Objective Evolution

The Process of Our Lives:
Maturing/Rite of Passage
Aging/Gaining Wisdom

Our Relationships:


Our Experiences
And MY Experiences

Our Encounters
= With Experience
= With Emotions
= With Celestial Beings

The Health of Our Bodies
= Stress and Tranquility
= Nourishing Basics
= Hygiene

The Benefits of Music and Art

Our Neurological Processes
Human Nature/Survival

Mother Nature

Phychology of Animals

Space and Time

Death and Funeral Riuals
= Possibility of an “Afterlife”

The Continuous Flow of Energy

And etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc…


In a chronological fashion, I will explore interesting manners of history with studies and opinions about our stay in time on earth.


Construction of this website (as well as a FaceBook Page) is to inform my prospective audience of my efforts and future visions, and to blossom my creation with the opinions and suggestions of others who have a similar mindset. I will be posting web discussions that I hope will captivate you enough to take part, so please keep checking in! Follow this website if you want to watch my manuscript fabricate to life…



I hope you enjoy my thoughts on these various topics.








If you read through these pages and decide that you like my idea, then feel free to

DONATE to My Publishing Costs HERE

It has been estimated that my manuscript will cost near $4.89/copy to print, which equals to more than $4,000 in publishing costs to obtain 1000 copies… A donation of even 5¢ would mean the world to me!!



© 2012 by Stephanie Himmelman. All Rights Reserved

No part of my writing may be reproduced, published, distributed, copied or displayed.


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