Open for Interpretation (Share Your Dreams)


Reports of dreams involving the deceased are quite frequent. It is thought that those who have passed may have an ability to visit us in our dreams, resulting in a very realistic interaction with the said loved one(s). Sometimes, we wake up questioning the dream and taken aback, yet other times, we feel amazed and at peace. I have had a couple of similar experiences myself, each of which left me in a state of content. Both occurrences involved friends of mine who have left the physical world, whom I was upset to have not said a final goodbye to, and both instances were within weeks of their deaths.


Everything around us is simply a circulation of pure energy, and all energy is gathered, processed, and then circulated again.


Energy is neither created nor destroyed


Therefore, why would the energy of a passed soul not be able to visit our senses in a dreamworld? It is my belief that these “visits” to us are authentic…

(Read of my experience HERE)


Dreams can be miraculous. There is much more to them than some may understand. I believe that lost souls stay at our side for as long as we need them to, even be it our whole lifetime. And every once in awhile, they visit us directly through our dreams, perhaps just to say hello. In dreaming, we seem to best focus our awareness of the situation. The interaction with one deceased is too familiar to be mere memories of our own. Our friends and family members passed will be with us always, are loved, and will never be forgotten.


Please feel free to share any dream you’ve experienced that has sparked a curiosity or wonder in you. Dreams open up a sense of perception within us that is otherwise difficult, or even impossible, to comprehend during our waking hours. It is wise to interpret such events, and to learn of the clues presented in our dreams. This page is not limited to sharing dreams of death or those who have passed, so feel free to share any dream you question. I will reply to your post and interpret your dream as best I can.




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