Dreaming of Loved Ones Deceased…


March of 2008


Reports of dreams involving the deceased are quite frequent. It is thought that those who have passed may have an ability to visit us in our dreams, resulting in a very realistic interaction with the said loved one(s). Sometimes, we wake up questioning the dream and taken aback, yet other times, we feel amazed and at peace. I have had a couple of similar experiences myself, each of which left me in a state of content. Both occurrences involved friends of mine who have left the physical world, whom I was upset to have not said a final goodbye to, and both instances were within weeks of their deaths.

Justin, a friend of mine from junior high and on, left us two years after we graduated from high school. It was a messy situation, but unfortunately somewhat expected of him. I hadn’t seen Justin in the entire month before he did it, and I was disappointed in both of us. After going to sleep in regret, I was visited by his presence to be put at ease…

We were in the common area of our high school–me on the second floor looking over the balcony, and he on the main level. I saw him on the platform of an industrial looking elevator, with many other people rising with him. In the center of his crowd, Justin was waving animatedly, seeking for my attention only. My heart was pleased to see him, though he was continuing upward and remained out of reach. I did not question where he was going, but felt the warmth of his personality and his happiness throughout my soul, and I was assured that this was his goodbye to me. I woke up from the dream without my anger or despair. That was Justin’s spirit visiting me; absolutely. He had come to fulfill my need for closure.




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