Mind Power via Dreams


02 April 2013


I had a pretty crazy dream last night. It seemed that many people and commodities of my past came back into my realm of awareness. I’m talking about things and people that I have not thought about in years… and yet, they were exactly as they were. Specifically, I was at my old house (where I lived with my father and siblings) and it was during my early high school years… For whatever reason, my friend was folding and hanging my clothing onto hangers. He was handling shirts and sweatshirts that I owned nearly A DECADE ago! The patterns and materials were exact, as if I had seen these articles yesterday. I woke up this morning realizing that everything is still logged in the cabinets of my mind. Everything we have ever seen, felt, smelled, owned, learned… is still within our reach. I’ve heard it said that if you sat in a room long enough (probably days) thinking about all of the people in your second grade class, you could eventually recall the names (forename and surname) of every one of them. It may seem difficult to recollect, but the information is stored in the depth of our brain, still there for us to access. While we dream at night, we enter into a stream of consciousness that represents everything we have ever experienced. These scenarios can influence the direction of our dream, and we may be reintroduced to our pasts (just as I was last night). We only use a small portion of our brain at a time, and we may underestimate the skills of our mind, but our bank of memory can store more information than we could possibly fathom. It was interesting to awake with a more clear understanding of the power of my brain. I could see the colors and stitch work of clothing that I would have, otherwise, never recalled owning!

Dreams are great fun, aren’t they?




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