BIRTH Charts


For thousands of years, Chinese astrologists have studied the positioning of the planets during a person’s time of birth, searching to understand connections between their traits of personality, and etc. As I’ve seen through myself and my friends, these ancient Chinese birth charts are relatively accurate. The analyses hold relevance in our lives, and the same predictions are documented at many different sources! …Hard-copy resources or internet websites, no matter where you go to find this information, it will tell you the same!


Depending on the time of day you were born, in what month, and during which year, Chinese Birth Charts have designated an animal symbol. Each of the animal synopses (based on astral configuration at the moment of birth) can explain specific traits about a person’s life.  It’s fun to read into your astrological birth chart! To find the animal assigned to you, based on your TIME/MONTH/YEAR of birth, click on any of the options below:










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